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Hotel Management Software

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Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software

OTHER SOFTWARE / Hotel Management Software
Hotel Management Software is an Windows base application use by businesses to automate their day-to-day operations Such as Room Bookings, Reservations, Check-In or Check-Out, Hotel Reservation Software is developed for suitable works of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, Cottages, Villas, Cabins etc.

About Hotel Management Software

Application includes All the features required in a Hotel Management Software Such as Hotel Reservation, Customer Check-In, Customer Check-Out Our software is designed to help administrator or operator to track all check in or checkout status with just one mouse click.

Key Feature Of Software

  • 4 Different Type of Room Status View
  • Room Status from main screen With Easy Check-In and Check-Out Option
  • Easy Room Reservation Process
  • One Click Allow Single and Group Room Booking
  • Direct Billing/City Ledger/Company Account
  • Full Network Support on LAN and WAN
  • Multiple Rate & Rate Type Support in Single Stay
  • Simple Room Transfer Facility

  • Single and Multiple Room Booking Facility in One Click
  • Audit Shift Define 1, 2 or 3 As per Require
  • Shift Wise Audit, Day Wise Audit, Night Audit Facility
  • Room Housekeeping Auditing Facility
  • Configure System Week-Day and Weekend-Day
  • Configure System as per 12 Houses or 24 Hours Check-Out
  • Configure System GTS and Service Tax %
  • Daily Recurring Charge As per Require on Room

Hotel User Management

User Management

  • One Click Roll User Room Management
  • No Limit For User and Roll Creation
  • Create User Administrator, Supervisor, Operator As per Require
  • Manage Multiple Hotel in Single Software
  • User Roll Save As With New Name and Create New
  • User Right Add, Edit, Delete And only View

Hotel Rate Type Management

Rate Type Management

  • Season Wise Rate Management Facility Like Holiday Rate Type, Christmas Rate Type, Summer Rate Type and Other Festival Rate Etc
  • Pricing manage based on Adult and Child
  • Pricing Manage By Week Day, Weekend Day and Day Used
  • Manage Commission Agent Rate Type
  • Surcharge For Extra Person Like Extra Bad
  • Auto Apply Daily Recurring Charge like New Paper, Cigar like Extra Facility
  • Discount on Room, Discount on Group Booking with Authorize Person
  • Auto Apply Pre Define Rate Week Day and Weekend Day
  • Tax Inclusive and Exclusive Facility

Hotel Room Reservation


  • Dashboard is gives 4 Different Type Room Status View Icon View / Grid View / Detail View / Date Wise View
  • Room Status Display Reserved / Occupied / Available / Block / Dirty
  • Reservation for Single and Multiple Room Booking
  • Guest Detail Search Automatically and Fill [if returning Guest]
  • Guest Entry with Personal and Company Detail Like IC Code, Name, Address, BOD, Marriage Anniversary, Email, Card Detail, Mobile, Passport, Driving, Country Card, Election Card and many More
  • Credit Limit for Company, Guest, Agent
  • Guest Search By Any information like Unique Searching
  • Pre define require Extra Bad, Station Pickup Vehicle
  • Special Guest Request Note
  • Reservation confirmation By Email and SMS
  • Manage Source like Travel Agent and arrange Commission
  • Collection of Deposit for Room Reservation
  • Allow with Authentication to Late Arrival, Late Check-In, Late Check-Out

Hotel Room Check In

Check In

  • One Click Room Booking Facility
  • Selection Of Single and Multi Room in Single Click
  • On Right Click you can manage Check In, Reservation, Check Out, Change Room Status, Room Charge, Daily charge and many more
  • Group Check In
  • Single Room check In
  • Guest Walk-IN and Company Booking
  • Room Discount and Room Rate Negotiate with Authorized Person and Authentication
  • Collect Deposit [Option Pre-set Compulsory/ Non Compulsory]
  • Void Record with User Authentication [got Audit Reports]

Hotel Room Services

Hotel Services

  • POS Integrate Laundry Service, Food Service, Cigar Service and Many More
  • Post Service Charge with Guest/Room Wise
  • Charge Additionally Phone Call, Movie, Internet to Account
  • Manage Separate Service Account Head and Inclusive/ Exclusive Tax
  • Void Charge with Authentication

Hotel Services


  • No Limited to Create Housekeeper with Detail
  • Manage Separate Service Charge for Housekeeper
  • Daily Task List For Housekeeper
  • Daily Report for Housekeeper to Room wise
  • Detail Report for Current Status of All Rook like Check-In, Check-Out, Dirty, Occupied, Block etc.
  • Easy to Remind of Room Status Display With Separate Color Logo and Different Icon
  • After Room check Out Select Option For Dirty or Vacant
  • Dirty Room Assign Housekeeper on single Click

Hotel Accounting Master


  • Create Account Groups, Account Sub-Groups and Account
  • Option For Apply GST Tax, Service Tax Account Wise
  • Option For Hide Tax or Display Tax Account Wise
  • Option For Tax Inclusive or Exclusive
  • Audit Trail Facility [Changes done by Whom and When]
  • Integrate With Other ERP System
  • Shift Wise Audit Report
  • Night Shift Audit Report
  • Account Ledger Reports
  • Cost Center Wise Accounting

Hotel Reports Management

Analysis Reports

  • Master Reports Like Guest Detail, Account, Group, Sub Group, Room, Room Rate, Room Type, Product, City, Country, Housekeeping etc
  • Guest Reservation List Report
  • Check-In, Check-Out List Report
  • Shift Wise, Date Wise Shift Report
  • Day Audit, Night Audit, Shift Audit Report
  • Cash Counter Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Last Room Used Summary Report
  • Traveler Report
  • Tourism Survey Report [Country Wise List]
  • Monthly Occupancy Report [Vacant / Occupied Room Wise / Room Type Wise]
  • Journal List and Journal List Summary
  • Transaction History Report
  • Room Sold Analysis
  • This Year Last Comparison
  • Monthly Account Report
  • Quarterly Account Report
  • Credit Card Received Report
  • Housekeeping Report
  • Housekeeper Report
  • Housekeeper Transaction Report

Hotel Management Software Manage Hotel Account, Room Check In-Out, Rate Master etc..

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