Weighbridge Software

Easy to Used and Compatible with Win-XP / Win-7 / Win-8 / Win-10 etc...

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Monil Automation provide Weighbridge software with various facility like on site field Customization, on site Report Customization, on site All Brand Indicator Configuration, Camera Configuration, GSM Modem Configuration, Email Setting, SMS Setting, Data Export in Excel file, etc...

Monil Automation Provide easy to Use Windows Based Weighbridge Software, It will Compatible with Win-XP / Win-7 / Win-8 / Win-10 etc...

Provide Secure Weighment with Various Facility Like CCTV Image Capture, UHF and LHF RFID Integration with Weighbridge, Boom Barrier Gate Integration with Weighbridge, Fix RFID Tag On Vehicle, Vehicle RFID Smart Card Solution, Use Active and Passive RFID Tag etc...

Weighbridge software is a collecting Data from Weighbridge Indicator and Manage and store in HDD, This Weighbridge software solution is designed to help you to manage and track the weighment ticket Reports.

        Monil Automation Provide Software For : Weighbridge Software For Rajasthan Mining Weighbridge, It's Integrated with Rajasthan Mining Department Online Website [DGM] and Generate Automatically Rawanna Number and Deduct Royalty Amount automatically From Lease Owner. [ Note : Software is Ready To Use and Installed Approx 150 Weighbridge Location ]

Software Use In Various Language Like :
  • Weighbridge Software In English
  • Weighbridge Software In Arabic
  • Weighbridge Software In Hindi
  • Weighbridge Software In Urdu
  • Weighbridge Software In Gujarati
  • Weighbridge Software In Telugu
  • Weighbridge Software In Malay
  • Also We Modify Software As Per Your Language
Software Key Feature :

  • Three Type of Short Cut Key Provide for Operation. (For Ex. F1, Ctrl+F, Altr+F)
  • Working with Any Brand / Make Indicator (Require only RS232 Communication Settings)
  • Window Based Software [ Support : XP / Win7 /Win8 ]
  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics View
  • One click Easy Installation Process
  • Two Type Of License 1)USB Dongle 2)Registration Key

  • Customize Slip Field Supporting.
  • Manual Weight Entry is Possible. (If Require, Set from System Setting)
  • Up to 12 Field To Customize as per Client Requirement (also option for Mandatory) set from Field Setting.
  • By F8 Key get Tare Weight From Master If Active Manual Tare weight Facility Activated

  • Facility For SMS Sending automatically (Daily Ticket Data).
  • Facility For Mail Sending automatically (Daily Ticket Data).
  • Send SMS on Customer Mobile (If require)

  • Set User Authentication for Ticket Edit/ Re-Print/ Delete Wise.
  • User can modify Own Password Only himself.
  • Supporting to Multi User, Multi Shift Wise
  • Can Set Individual Reports Access Rights.
  • Data Auditing Feature (Any Modification by operator)

  • Provide SAP, ERP, Oracle Connectivity based on client requirement
  • Supporting to Client Server Application.
  • Daily Data Export in Excel, CSV, Text File (Date wise, Ticket No wise)

  • Facility to Connect/Disconnect With Indicator.
  • Allow Multi COM-Port Entry. (Define diffrent indicator)

  • Facility For Auto Backup Data Base
  • Multi User Application in LAN (Same time work in Multi Weighbridge)
  • Same time Working in Different Brand Indicator. (In Network)
  • Application support to multi Database (SQL SERVER 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 Express/ MS Access/ Oracle).

  • Supporting to Slip Re-Printing, Editing, Deleting With User Access.
  • Provide Direct Net Weight Feature (Slip Entry - Single entry system).
  • Indication for Existing vehicle tare weigh compare with new weight.
  • Provide Feature For Slip Entry Date (Visible / Hide / Date Modifying)
  • Batch Weighing Facility. (Take Batch Tare/ Gross weight for single truck - use ware house )
  • Provide Dropdown Feature For Party Master, Vehicle Master, Product Master.
  • View live Vehicle position with CCTV & Capture photo, also print ticket with vehicle photo.
  • Facility for select automatically vehicle tare weight
  • Customize and Develop As per Client Requirement and connect with SAP/ ERP/ Oracle.
  • Set Multi COM Setting in Single System.

  • Printing Facility.

  • Provide Four Type of Ticket Printing Facility
  • Type:- .NET Printing / Windows Based / DOS Based (Speedy) / With Vehicle Photo.
  • Pre Printed Ticket Can Set On Client Side.
  • Customize Paper Size Setting. (Set Paper Size as per Client Requirement on Side)
  • Direct Ticket Print on Printer. (Without View)
  • Option for Print Not Require/ First Print Not Require. (Can Set Setting as per require)
  • DOS Based Speedy ticket printing facility.
  • Ticket printing with truck photo.
  • Customize Field in DOS Printing. (Up to 50 Setting.)
  • Supporting to Label Printer (Like Zebra/Thermal..)
  • Re-Print With User Password Authentication.
  • Print Direct Invoice From Weighbridge Software. (Ser Invoice Format as per client Requirement)
  • Can Set Customize Label Size as per require.
  • Create Custom Paper Size

  • Data Reports

  • Date Wise Reports
  • Master Reports
  • Product Wise Reports
  • User Wise Reports
  • Party Wise Reports
  • Vehicle Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Summary Report
  • Ticket No Wise Reports
  • Delete Data Auditing Reports
  • Customer Wise Summary Report
  • Edit Data Auditing Reports
  • Shift Wise Report
  • Engineer Feedback Report
  • All Summary Report

  • Other Feature

  • Unmanned Weighbridge System
  • CCTV Camera Supporting (Upto 4 Nodes)
  • Software configuration with any type of indicator like CAS, LEO, Every, Sartorius...
  • SMS Sending Facility per Weighment, Per Day
  • Email Sending Facility Per Weighment, Per Day
  • Vehicle Image Capture On Weighment Time (Automatically)
  • Vehicle Alignment System On Weighbridge
  • Support in Quarry Management System.
  • Connectivity With SAP, ERP, Oracle...
  • Traffic Signal with Weighbridge Software
  • RFID Based Weighbridge Software. (Support To RFID Card Instrument)