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Weighbridge Automation, Unmanned Weighbridge System

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Unmanned Weighbridge System

Unmanned Weighbridge

WEIGHING SOFTWARE / Unmanned Weighbridge System

About Unmanned Weighbridge System, Weighbridge Automation

The Unattended Weighbridge System is a standalone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of operator.

Key Feature

  • Increase the weighment speed and large number of vehicles weighment achieved
  • System provide Both Direction (In/Out) Weighing process facility
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer
  • Driver can Confirm weighment after checking the weight as displayed
  • Pre fix the weighbridge for vehicle weighment
  • No Operator for this is required on weighbridge office
  • No Modification/Changes OR any Manual Mistakes is possible
  • Integrate more than one weighbridge with the system
  • Use of RFID Smart Card and UHF RFID Tag
  • Cut operating cost with a Fully Automated Vehicle Weighment Solution
  • The same RFID card is used by the Driver for taking the Tare weight as well as the Gross weight

Other Facility :

  • Voice Instruction provided during the weighment process
  • PO/DO Qty Fix from First and auto check on Second weighment, If not matched then doesn't allow for further process
  • For all Weighment process and any editing/modification performed, History is been managed and provide the reports
  • Can also set to Auto Weighment mode in the system, so this doesn't require the Driver Confirmation and press the button (i.e. weighment with Driver)
  • no nay manual interaction in weighment process to manual mistake happen
  • Integrate with ERP-SAP-Oracle So weighment data direct transfer to Account

  • Achieve unmanned weigh Bridge operation.
  • Manpower reduction and Cost Saving
  • Reduction in truck turnaround time. TAT
  • Real time monitoring of vehicle performance.
  • Automating transfer of data to SAP, ERP, Oracle, SQL..
  • No Traffic Congestion.
  • Tracking and alerting on route deviations, over-weight.
  • Automation of capturing of Information at each work area via, parking, security gate, weigh-bridge, loading /unloading points.
  • Improve productivity, achieve transportation costs savings and accelerate return on investment
  • Efficiency improvement in managing receipts and dispatch of material .
  • Increase visibility, safety, security, asset utilization.
  • Eliminate the possibility of wrong entries, double entries, malpractices and attain reliable automation

Addone Accessories :

  • RFID Reader [ UHF / HF ]
  • Boom Barrier Gate
  • Traffic Light
  • Weight Display
  • Positioning Sensor
  • CCTV Camera
  • Sound System

This is Cost Effective Solution for Weighbridge Automation With Secure Weighment Without Operator By 24/7.

Video Link For Weighbridge LAN Software.

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