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Weighbridge SAP Integration Software

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Weighbridge SAP Integration Software

Weighbridge SAP Integration Software

WEIGHING SOFTWARE / Weighbridge SAP Integration

About Weighbridge SAP Integration Software

We Provide Solution For Weighbridge SAP Integration Any Make Weighbridge with SAP/ERP/Oracle Etc.

Method of Integration

  • Integrate with SAP. SAP Hana, SAP ECC6, SAP B1, Etc..
  • Integrate with Oracle
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Integrate With Sybase
  • Integrate Via Direct DB Table

  • Integrate With eBiz ERP
  • Integrate Any ERP and API
  • Integrate Via Text File
  • Integrate Via DLL File
  • Integrate Via CSV File Format

Method :- 1
(Live Weight Transfer)

We provide one EXE file for reading live weight from indicator and transfer in text file/CSV file so SAP will Read weight from that file. and exe file will show live weight on screen and it open one in a day

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Method :- 2
(Auto Close Exe)

Another way is we provide one Auto close EXE File and SAP will call that EXE file and open it on Weighment time, after open EXE file will automatically transfer current weight in one text file and EXE will close automatically then SAP will read weight from that text file and delete that text file, same process will repeat for another vehicle.

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Method :- 3
(Direct Table)

Most of SAP user use oracle database, So we can call oracle temp table in weighbridge software backend and transfer Weighment data in with full detail and weight so SAP will pick weight data from oracle temp table.

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Method :- 4

Another way is SAP user company provide us to "SAP RFC Function" we can call that function and send data on that SAP RFC Function so SAP will read directly that on weighbridge software only working.

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Method :- 5
(Web Service or API)

Another way is SAP user company provide to Web Service for data transfer So we can call that web service and upload data so SAP will read that directly in backend no any manual intervene require.

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Method :- 6
(PHP Service Host)

  • We provide Current Weighbridge Weight On PHP Web URL
  • https://localhost:80/getweight.php
  • Output :- {"current weight","99999"}

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    We Provide Solution For Integration of Any ERP to Any Make Weighbridge..

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