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Weighbridge Vehicle Positioning System

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Weighbridge Vehicle Positioning System

Weighbridge Vehicle Positioning System

WEIGHING SOFTWARE / Weighbridge Vehicle Positioning System

About Weighbridge Vehicle Positioning System

Ensure secure weighment without manual intervention of Weighment process, system automatically check Vehicle Position on Weighbridge and allow for Weighment.

Accessories :

  • Positioning Sensor
  • Controller - Panel
  • CCTV IP Camera
  • Traffic Light [RED/GREEN] [Optional]
  • LED Weight Display [Three Line Display] [Optional]
  • Sound Guide-Instruction system [Optional]
  • VPS Weighbridge Software
  • Vehicle Image with Ticket Send Email & SMS

Key Feature

  • Allow weighment after Vehicle proper position on weighbridge,
  • Prohibit Weighment if Vehicle Is not in Proper.
  • Weighbridge software is connected with system controller it will check to proper position and then display weight on screen and operator will generate ticket.
  • No Depend on Weighing Operator for Vehicle Position at Weighbridge.
  • Automating transfer of data to SAP, ERP, Oracle, SQL..

This is Cost Effective Solution for Weighbridge Automation With Secure Weighment Without Operator By 24/7.

Video Link For Weighbridge LAN Software.

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